Avis Lecture | Le 28e Nuit par Fabrice Causapé

Book Review | The 28th Night by Fabrice Causapé [French book]

Collection of French stories

Written and published by Fabrice Causapé

Published: 2021

La 28e Nuit par Fabrice Causapé

Summary :

Have you noticed this magnificent full moon? It's impossible not to be hypnotized as its light radiates. With her serious and benevolent air, she invites us to contemplate the tight border between Life and Death. It is there where destinies brush against each other and intertwine, there, where parallel shadows are made and unmade. Wander between these pages and become familiar with the daily life of these characters who go through, experiences after disillusions, the different ages of life, during this endless night....



28e Nuit Par Fabrice Causapé

My review :

I loved and devoured it 😍
I really liked the use of “you” narration 😍 Not that I had any doubts, I had just never read a story written about this person. Mixed with the author's pen, I found the reading very engaging 🤩 The proof, I read it in one evening 🤘

Sensitive souls refrain ! 😏
This news is something. They explore different experiences, they put us in a situation, push us to think, disturb us, shock us.

Hysteria and Bankruptcy are undoubtedly the ones that left the biggest impression on me 😵

During my reading I was captivated, shocked, disgusted, at a few moments I laughed, I even called a character a poor idiot (maybe two 🤔😂). I also really enjoyed discovering the news cycle (thanks to the summary 😋). Very interesting way to complete each of the short stories 👌🤩

I definitely recommend The 28th Night to those who like striking stories, which end with a slap in the face (in a good way, obviously! 😉)

It is mentioned at the end of the description "These stories will haunt you even after you finish them". Well it’s tested and approved! 👍

A dark journey under the light of the moon 🌙


See you soon !

Atena 🌺

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