Une vitrine pour tes livres, ça t'intéresse ?

A free showcase for your books, sounds interesting?

You are an independent author and your books are published on Amazon? I have a little offer for you, 100% free.

Post your novel on my store without any fees or commissions!

The goal is to help each other between independent authors. I'm offering you an additional showcase for your novels, in exchange for potential visitors. For your part, sharing your book page on my store would be appreciated.

If there is a sale, you will see them in your Amazon report ;)

It will be difficult to really know the sales produced via the store, but in any case, it gives you additional visibility at no cost! And for me, this allows me to offer a wider choice of books and thus hope to obtain more visitors. As you can see, it's a give and take that costs us nothing, but can contribute to potential sales for everyone. And not just for the two of us, but for all the authors who join the game.

No sales will be taken directly from the store. There will only be a button to your books' Amazon page. No buy button on my platform. For the digital books, if your ebooks are registered with KDP Select, this should not be a problem since the link will only direct to Amazon and only offers this option, thus respecting the terms of the commitment.

Everything is done online. I don't receive inventory because it becomes more complicated to manage and it generates costs, so this option quickly becomes less interesting and above all, less advantageous for everyone.

Also, the links are created from the Amazon ASIN code. So these are NOT links from which I get a commission. As stated earlier, this is a free offer of mutual assistance. I don't make money off the backs of participating authors ;)

If you are interested, get in touch with me at info@atenastoriesuniverse.com.

Atena 🌺

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