Qu'est-ce que le Jour des Morts ?

What is the Day of the Dead?

Let's take a quick overview of this celebration that is still unknown to many

Despite its melancholy name, Dia de Los Muertos is actually a tribute to life.

Celebration of Mexican origin

The Day of the Dead is a particular form of Christian Day of the Dead typical of current Mexican culture that is celebrated on November 2.

 Art masque squelette et fleurs

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Unlike the majority of Christian holidays which honor the deceased, this celebration is intended to be rather festive and is symbolized by calaveras which are representations of skulls and human skeletons. The character of La Catrina is undoubtedly the best known and most used.

Jour des Morts - La Catrina

La Catrina, Wikipedia

This holiday is not only dedicated to the dead, since it is also common to give gifts to friends, such as sugar skulls, to share the traditional pan de muerto with family and friends, and to write light and often irreverent verses in the form of false epitaphs dedicated to living friends and acquaintances, a literary form known as calaveras literarias.


The Day of Dead all around the world 🌎

Corona beer 🍺

Mexican beer Corona offers a special edition Day of the Dead cans every year.

Corona_Day of the Dead Limited Edition


The animated film (perfect for learning more through entertainment)

A great cinematographic reference to immerse yourself in Mexican culture is Coco, a Disney animated film released in 2017.

 Affiche du film Coco de Disney


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