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Top 10 of my Anti-Depression Playlist

Depression affects each of us at one time or another.

To face and combat these periods, I rely heavily on music which has always been a form of support for me to feel good.

So I decided to share my list of songs that help me get through the darker times.

The genres are quite varied between popular music and rock - classic or alternative. These are rhythmic songs which, for the most part, make you want to dance. Obviously, everyone's tastes are different and you may not like everything on the list.

These are songs mainly in English and sometimes, it's also the lyrics which are great for lifting your spirits. If you like the music enough, I highly recommend checking out the lyrics (and translating them, if necessary) to understand the meaning. Sometimes that's what's missing to fully appreciate a song.

You can access the complete Playlist on my YouTube channel.


Atena's Anti-Depression Playlist

 1) Raise Your Glass by P!nk

A song that I particularly like, as much for its sunny rhythm as for its lyrics which motivate you to be yourself.

2) Happy by Pharrell Williams

The title speaks for itself. If it is good to listen to when the weather is nice and life is good, it is also a good weapon against depression thanks to the power of memory. That's the magic of music.


3) Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake

This one will seek the same elements as the previous one and spread joy through its notes and words.

4) Born This Way by Lady Gaga

As its title suggests, this song advocates the freedom to be who you are.


5) Don't Know by Reel Big Fish

This one may not please chaste ears with its vulgar language, but it still conveys a desire to sing “F*ck off!” to our misfortunes.


6) What's My Age Again by Blink 182

Because sometimes we need songs to remind us that a heart can stay young.

7) All Star by Smash Mouth

Who doesn't know? We hear it in several films, including Shrek. Sunny Song!

8) Everybody by the Backstreet Boys 

This group has a lot of what I call “sunny songs”. For the list, I specially chose the music video for the film "This Is The End", a movie that I love for its absurd humor.

9) Bye bye bye by *NSYNC

90s boy bands NSYNC are no exception. I chose Bye bye bye because, if we forget the rest of the lyrics, we can motivate ourselves to sing this song for whatever we want to put out of our minds.

10) The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson

Another artist with a nice range of "sunny songs", many of which are well known.

It was my top 10 of Sunny Songs. To discover the others, I invite you to go to YouTube by clicking right here.

And you, what song helps you get through less positive times? Do you prefer soft songs? Or more eventful rhythms? Tell me everything !

See you soon!


Atena 🌺

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