About Us

Welcome to my wellness store!

My name is Atena and I'm a freelance writer and proud mom to a 9-year-old boy.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my online store designed with love for those who, like me, cherish several passions and covet well-being.

Mission and Values

I want to spread happiness

I want to help others feel good. I often feel helpless when faced with unhappy people, so I hope to alleviate this feeling by creating products intended to soothe the woes of others.

By ailments, I mainly mean stress and anxiety. Having loved ones affected by these problems, I am keen to produce items that will correspond to their lifestyle and that will bring them a feeling of well-being.

Mental health is also on my radar. As a suicide victim and having experienced depressive episodes myself, I want to reach out to those who find themselves in this dark bubble and help them find their light.